Dolby Voice Room supports dialing into third-party video meetings using a SIP URI.

This document outlines configuring the multi-service feature on Dolby Voice Room for Zoom using the BlueJeans Teams gateway.

The Zoom gateway is integrated with the BlueJeans service. To configure the multi-service feature, you must first create a meeting in Zoom with the desktop-based or browser-based app and it will generate a meeting URL along with the calendar notification. For every meeting, the meeting ID will be different except for the tenant key. The tenant key for all the meetings under the domain is the same. You can then use the URL or meeting ID to join the meeting. If you are not the host, you will wait in the lobby until the host admits the attendees. Once the host starts and joins the meeting, the host can admit participants into the meeting.

See the BlueJeans Gateway Setup for Zoom Guide for additional configuration information: