Troubleshooting a system that cannot make any calls

Several configuration problems may leave a correctly registered system unable to make calls.


  1. Check the SIP routing group configured on the system.

    You can check this from the Avaya Aura System Manager web UI or use Avaya Site Administration to check the individual station details. Ensure that the systems are using the same routing group.

  2. Check that the SIP routing group that the system is assigned to in the Session Manager (through Avaya Aura System Manager) can route the call to the destination routing group.

    Make sure (possibly though Session Manager logs) that the call is being routed correctly to the destination end point. The Session Manager traces indicate the SIP-specific error response, which can assist in further troubleshooting.

  3. If a Session Manager capture indicates that the Session Manager is able to route the call to the Communication Manager but does not get back any response from it, check the Communication Manager traces.