Registering the phone to Avaya Aura Platform

Use the Settings page of the Dolby Voice Room web interface to specify the Avaya Aura Platform account settings and register the phone.


  1. Select Settings > IP PBX Settings > Account.

  2. Change the Account settings as shown:
    • Display Name: The name of the system user or conference room (for example, Sam Smith or Board Room)
    • Extension Number/Address: Extension number (mandatory)
    • Display Number: Extension number

      If you do not enter a value, the Extension Number/Address value displays.

    • Transport Type: AUTO (recommended; works with TCP and User Datagram Protocol)
    • Secure Media: Mandatory
  3. Change the Server settings as shown:
    • Primary Call Server/Outbound Proxy: IP address of Primary SM 100
    • Primary Server/Outbound Proxy port: 5060
    • If SM 100 is available, enter the details in the Secondary Call Server/Outbound Proxy field


    Ensure that you are adding the correct Primary/Secondary account details.

  4. Update the credentials.

    These settings are mandatory for digest authentication:

    1. Enter the User Credential Name that you created in Avaya Aura Platform 6.x.
    2. Enter the User Credential Password that you created in Avaya Aura Platform 6.x.
    3. Confirm the password, and click Save.

    If the information is correct, the system registers with Avaya Aura Platform 6.x.
  5. To verify the registration, go to Status > System > Device.