Accessing the Dolby Voice Room web interface

Use the web interface to view and change Dolby Voice Room settings.

About this task

You can access the Dolby Voice Room web interface using any of these web browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0.x or later on Windows‐based computers (backward compatibility not supported)
  • Google Chrome 31.0.x or later
  • Apple Safari 7.0.2.x
library_booksNote: The Dolby Voice Room web interface has been optimized for modern browsers. The best experience is obtained using one of the supported browsers. Versions 8 and 9 of Internet Explorer work in a degraded fashion; support for these browsers is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

By default, access to the web interface is enabled. You can disable access only through the configuration files by changing Network.Services.WebServerMode.


  1. Determine the system IP address:
    1. Access the Dolby Voice Room Settings screen.
      Settings screen
      Setting screen
      Ask your conferencing service provider for instructions.
    2. Tap this sequence:
      Advanced Settings icon. Looks like an ellipsis > About > System
      The IP address displays.
    3. Tap this sequence:
      Advanced Settings icon. Looks like an ellipsis > About > General
      The IP address displays.
  2. Open one of the supported web browsers.
  3. Enter http://your-phone-IP-addressyour-system-IP-address in the browser address bar.
    The log-in page displays.
    library_booksNote: If the browser displays a certificate-related error message, such as Site is not secure or Your connection is not private, then take the required steps to bypass the error page and proceed to the log-in page.
  4. Log in as the administrator. (Default credentials are admin and 1739.)
    The web interface main page displays. Expand the headings and hover the mouse over a parameter name to see a parameter description, along with the name of the corresponding configuration parameter.
    library_booksNote: We recommend that you change the default administrative password.