Avaya Aura Platform requirements

The Avaya Aura Platform has specific version, codec, and firewall configuration requirements. Read the appropriate Avaya Aura Platform documentation for information on specific network requirements.

This document provides instructions for an Avaya Aura Platform 6.3 environment. When instructions differ in Avaya Aura Platform 6.1 and 6.2 environments, they are noted.


The Avaya Aura Platform (especially the Avaya G350 media gateway) does not support the G.722 audio codec. Therefore, Dolby Voice Room systems on the Avaya Aura Platform cannot be configured to use only this audio codec. For more information, see the Dolby Conference Phone Administrator's GuideDolby Voice Room Administrator's Guide.

Avaya Aura Session Manager is required to support Dolby Voice Room systems.


NAT is not supported by the Dolby Voice Room. Therefore, the Avaya Aura Platform servers should be on the same side of the organization firewall as the Dolby Voice Room systems.