Troubleshooting VLAN-related networking issues

You can troubleshoot VLAN-related networking issues that may prevent your Dolby Conference Phone and the PC from being on the same network.


  1. Get the IP address of the Dolby Conference Phone.
    From the home screen, tap settings icon > more settings icon > About > General and scroll down until you see the IP address.
  2. Open one of the supported web browsers.
    For a complete list of supported web browsers, see the Dolby Conference Phone Administrator's Guide.
  3. Enter https://your phone IP address in the browser address bar.
  4. Log in as the administrator. (Default values are admin and 1739.)
  5. Get the IP address of the PC.
    From the Settings menu, navigate to Dolby Voice Conferencing Service > Peer Device.

    The Dolby Conference Phone IP address and PC IP address may be on the same subnet. If they are not, you can try to ping the Dolby Conference Phone from the PC to see if they can connect.

  6. Your IT administrator can move the two devices to the same network and adjust the Dolby Conference Phone VLAN.
    The Dolby Conference Phone supports LLDP VLAN autodiscovery and manual VLAN setup:
    1. From the phone home screen, tap settings icon > more settings icon > Administrative Settings.
    2. Enter the administrator password.
      The default administrator password is 1739.
    3. Tap Network configuration > Ethernet.
    4. You can enable LLDP if your network supports VLAN autodiscovery through LLDP.
    5. Manually specify the VLAN ID.
    library_booksNote: A reboot of the Dolby Conference Phone is required to apply the new VLAN settings.