Disabling voice LLDP VLAN autodiscovery

By default, LLDP is disabled out-of-the-box for the Dolby Conference Phone. If you enable it and experience a network connectivity issue, you may need to disable voice LLDP VLAN autodiscovery.

About this task

If you are using Conferencing Only Mode and your voice VLAN restricts Internet access, disable voice LLDP VLAN autodiscovery and use the data VLAN instead.
If any these situations apply to you, skip this task:
  • Your network does not implement voice VLAN and data VLAN segregation.
  • Your network implements voice VLAN but does not restrict Internet access from the voice VLAN.

Use the Network.Services.LLDPEnabled parameter to enable and disable voice VLAN autodiscovery.


  • Using the phone web interface:
    1. Navigate to Network > Services.
    2. Switch Enable LLDP to Off.
  • Using the phone user interface:
    1. Navigate to Advanced > Administrative settings > Network configuration > Ethernet.
    2. Disable LLDP enabled.


Voice LLDP VLAN autodiscovery is disabled.