Access to * is blocked

When setting up a BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone, you must have access to * on your network. If you do not have access to *, manually configure the provisioning server and update the firmware on your phone.

About this task

If you see the following screen when you boot the Dolby Conference Phone, you need to manually access the BlueJeans provisioning service and update the firmware on the phone.


  1. Select the language and time zone on the Dolby Conference Phone setup screens.
  2. On the Setup provisioning screen, tap Manual setup.
  3. Follow the Manual setup path, and in Setup provisioning, tap Skip.

  4. For Protocol, select HTTPS, and for Server address, enter

  5. Tap Save.


The phone connects to, upgrades to the latest version of the Dolby Conference Phone firmware, and loads the BlueJeans setup workflow.