Manually overriding DHCP assigned DNS settings

If you want to use another set of DNS settings, or if you do not have a valid DNS configuration, you can manually override the DHCP-assigned DNS settings.

About this task

You can manually assign the domain name, the DNS server address, and the alternative DNS server address.

When dual VLAN configuration is enabled, manual override is available only on the primary VLAN.

For more information, see the Dolby Conference Phone Administrator's Guide.


  1. From the phone home screen, tap this sequence:

    settings icon > More settings icon > Administrative Settings

  2. Enter the administrator password, and tap Enter.
  3. Select Network configuration > IP network.

    Manual DNS screen

  4. Enable Manual DNS.
  5. Modify the Domain name, the DNS server 1, and the DNS server 2, as required, and tap .