Troubleshooting 802.1X-related networking issues

You can troubleshoot 802.1X-related networking issues that may prevent your Dolby Conference Phone and the PC from being on the same network.

If using 802.1X authentication, the Dolby Conference Phone may have been placed on a guest network. The Dolby Conference Phone appears to have completed the plug and play setup properly because the guest network has Internet access. However, the PC may be on your data network with no network connection to the guest network.

You may need to import your certificate authority (CA) certificate into the Dolby Conference Phone:

  • You can use a self-signed certificate, which must be manually imported into the Dolby Conference Phone. Otherwise, 802.1X authentication fails and the phone cannot be placed on the proper network.

    For more information on uploading a new device certificate, see Uploading a new CA certificate.

  • You must place the Dolby Conference Phone on a staging network that does not have strict security policies so that you can connect to the phone's IP address.
  • You may have to supply device-specific authentication credentials.