Proxy configuration

Some network configurations and phone software require that you specify a proxy server.

library_booksNote: Depending on your network settings and phone software version, this procedure may not be necessary. For a complete description of this functionality, see the Dolby Conference Phone Administrator's Guide.

The information listed in this table is required.

Attributes Description
Proxy server address IP address.
Proxy server credentials: User name and password

If the proxy server requires devices to authenticate before being allowed access, then a user name and password are required.

In many cases, networks require clients to go through a proxy server to communicate with Internet services. The phone supports the HTTP proxy in these scenarios:

  • The phone downloads its configuration and firmware from the provisioning server or the Dolby Conferencing Console.
  • The phone downloads the conferencing app from the app deployment server.
  • The conferencing app communicates with the BlueJeans web and call-control services using HTTPS and secure WebSocket.

The Dolby Conference Phone supports PAC and WPAD for automatic proxy configuration.

You can configure the proxy server in two ways: For more information about PAC and WPAD, see the Dolby Conference Phone Administrator's Guide.