Architectural overview

Before you set up the BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone, review the following architectural diagrams to learn about the essential components and their relationships to one another.

The following figures show two basic architecture options for configuring your BlueJeans solution:
  • Plug and play setup
  • Local setup

Figure 1: BlueJeans plug and play setup architecture

Plug and play setup provides the following benefits:
  • It is ideal for small-scale and trial deployments.
  • Setup is easy and gets you started quickly.
  • BlueJeans manages the firmware that runs on the Dolby Conference Phone.
  • You can configure IP PBX settings using the BlueJeans Command Center or the phone web interface.

Figure 2: BlueJeans local setup architecture

Use local setup when:
  • You are managing a medium-to-large-scale deployment, especially if integrating with IP PBX.
  • You require more control over the phone. (For example, you can use the Dolby Conferencing Console for bulk deployment of phones and to manage device pools, firmware upgrades, certificates, and LDAP credentials.)
  • You want operational insights for both IP PBX and BlueJeans usage.