Icons on the touch screen let you control phone features and show you information about calls, contacts, and the phone itself.

Table 1. Phone icons
Icon Description
Place a call
Cannot place a call at this time
Start or join an iMeet meeting
Start an iMeet meeting
Join a meeting as a participant rather than as host.
Join an iMeet meeting by entering the meeting URL.
Place an IP PBX call
Dial a number
Place another call
Active call
Hold call

When you place a call on hold, the LED halo flashes red.

Resume call

When you resume a held call, the LED halo returns to green.

Recent calls list
Placed call
Received call
Missed call
Transfer call
Merge calls
Split calls
End call

To end a held call, you must first resume it.

End the active call and answer the incoming call.
Hold the active call and answer the incoming call.
Contact directory, and the corporate directory if it is available.
Phone settings
More phone settings
Call diagnostics