Setting up personal mode

If the system administrator enables personal mode on the Dolby Conference Phone in your office, you can set up personal mode by creating a security PIN and storing your chairperson passcode.

About this task

In personal mode, your chairperson passcode is saved on the phone, which lets you start conferences faster. If you do not set up personal mode, you must enter your chairperson passcode every time that you start a conference.

In personal mode, you can join any other conference without entering the security PIN.


  1. Tap BT MeetMe.

    The personal mode setup screen appears.

  2. Tap Setup.
    The Create security PIN screen appears.
  3. Enter a four-digit PIN, and reenter the PIN on the confirmation screen.

    The Setup your chairperson passcode screen displays.

  4. Enter your chairperson passcode, tap Set, and reenter your passcode on the confirmation screen.
    Personal mode is now set up. To start a meeting, you first need to enter your four-digit security PIN.
  5. Optionally, follow these steps to unlock personal mode so that you do not need to enter your security PIN.
    1. From the home screen, tap Settings.
    2. Change Personal mode locked to Off.


Your phone is now set up to host meetings with your stored chairperson passcode.

What to do next

In most cases, you must enter a four‐digit security PIN to start a conference. If you do not use the phone for a certain period of time, you must reenter the four‐digit PIN to start another conference.


If you enter the wrong security PIN three times within five minutes, you are prompted to reset your security PIN and reenter your passcode.