Reporting error messages to your system administrator

When there is a problem with the Dolby Conference Phone, the Settings button displays a warning icon. Report the problem to your system administrator.

About this task

When the Settings button shows the warning icon ( ), follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem and collect the information that the system administrator may need to resolve the issue.


  1. Note the text of any error message on the home screen.
  2. Tap this sequence to display the Status screen:
    > > About > Status
  3. Tap any status items that show an error condition, and make a note of the information displayed in their status screen.

    If any communications have failed, they are marked as and Help displays at the top of the status details screen.

  4. Return to the Status screen, tap Provisioning server and note the address.
  5. Tap Network > Directory Server and note the status of the LDAP server for the corporate directory, if your organization uses this feature.
  6. Tap IP Network > Ethernet and note the values for Total packets transmitted and Total packets received.
  7. Go back one level in the menus to the About screen and tap General. Note the values for Serial number, IP address and MAC address.
  8. Write a description of the issue that includes the following information:
    • What symptoms do you observe?
    • Is there an obvious trigger to the problem? What were you doing with the phone immediately before the error message displayed?
    • Does the problem happen every time you perform a certain task, or only some of the time?
    • Do colleagues nearby have the same problem?

    Include any other information that might help the system administrator understand the issue.

  9. Send the information that you collected to your system administrator.