Joining conferences

Joining a BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conference requires entering a participant passcode.


  1. Tap BT MeetMe.

    The passcode entry screen displays.

  2. Enter the participant passcode that the chairperson shared with you.
  3. Tap Start or join conference.

    The Conference connecting screen may display for one second. Next, the Joining conference screen briefly displays, showing the chairperson's name. Finally, the active conference screen displays.

    Your name appears on this screen at the top of the participants list (shown here as Tom Davis). The chairperson and the other participants who join the conference also display on this screen. The chairperson displays second, and the other participants display in the order they join the conference.


When there is no activity on the conference screen for 10 seconds, the Active speakers screen displays. Up to four participants display while they are speaking. Participants are added when they speak and are dropped if they does not speak for one minute.

Tap X to return to the conference screen, from which you can leave the conference.

What to do next

If you are the only participant in the conference for a long time, the phone prompts you to extend the conference. If you do not answer Yes within one minute, the conference ends.