Changing personal mode parameters

If the system administrator sets up the phone in your office as your personal phone, you can change the inactivity time-out, the security PIN, and the chairperson passcode. You can also clear the values of all of these parameters.


  1. From the home screen, tap this sequence:
    > Preferences
  2. Scroll down and tap Personal mode.
  3. Select one of these parameters to change:
    To change this parameter: Do this:
    Auto lock time-out Tap Auto lock timeout and choose the time-out value
    Chairperson security PIN Tap Change PIN, enter a new PIN, and reenter the PIN to confirm.
    Chairperson passcode Tap Change host passcode, enter your security PIN, and then enter and confirm the new chairperson passcode.
    All saved settings Tap Clear settings to delete your stored PIN and passcode and reset the Auto lock timeout to the default time.