Basic call features

You can use the Dolby Conference Phone as a standard IP conference phone to place and answer calls, put calls on hold, forward or transfer calls, enable the do not disturb feature, and set up a conference call by merging an active call and a call on hold together.

Only one active call—the call that has audio associated with it—can be in progress at any given time. In addition to the active call, your phone may have one other call that is either held, or in an incoming or ringing state.

This figure shows an active call to extension 3105 that has lasted 24 minutes and 29 seconds so far.

Figure: Active call screen

This table shows the phone features that you can access from the active call screen.

Icon Description

Show the home screen

From the home screen, you can access the Settings screen.

Enter numbers

Place another call

Hold call

When you place a call on hold, the LED halo flashes red and the Resume button appears.

Resume call

When you resume a held call, the LED halo returns to green.

Transfer call

End call

To end a held call, you must first resume it.