Configuring 802.1X

If your network requires 802.1X during the network setup portion of the setup wizard, you must complete 802.1X setup.

About this task

Depending on the 802.1X configuration, you may need to accept the authentication server certificate. The setup wizard guides you through the process and detects many of the settings for you, including your VLAN and IP network settings. In this figure, the Dolby Conference Phone has detected those settings on initial setup.

If you see this screen, you can configure some 802.1X options directly in the wizard.

You can also upload certificates to the Dolby Conference Phone using the phone web interface.

library_booksNote: If you use a self-signed authentication certificate, or a certificate authority that is not in the default Dolby Conference Phone trusted certificate authority list, we recommend that you use local setup with the Dolby Conferencing Console for 802.1X. The Dolby Conferencing Console makes it easier to distribute the certificate. For more information, see 802.1X deployment with Dolby Conferencing Console.


  1. If a PKI-based authentication method is selected by the authentication server, you are prompted to review the server certificate information.

  2. Enter the user name and password when the server requires credentials for authentication. Depending on the authentication server configuration, you may be prompted to enter authentication credentials before you accept the server certificate.