Adding a new subscriber

You must add a new subscriber in order to set up a SIP phone extension/account for the Dolby Conference Phone.


  1. Log in to the Unify Common Management Platform with the appropriate credentials.

  2. Click OpenScape Voice.

  3. On the OpenScape Voice tab, click Business Group.

  4. Make a selection from the Branch Office List drop-down menu.

  5. Select Members > Subscribers, and then click Add.

  6. Complete the subscriber information.
    1. Click Directory Number, and select the number from the display.

    2. Set the type of number: Public or Private.
    3. Select the time zone and language.
    4. Set External Caller ID and Display Name, or leave at the default settings.
    5. Specify appropriate routing information and attributes.

  7. Verify and update the Connection settings.

    1. Select the Type: Dynamic or Static.
    2. Select the Transport Protocol.
    3. Select the Associated Endpoint.
  8. Update the Security settings.

    1. Enter the Realm; in the example, it is dolby-labs.
    2. Enter the User Name.
    3. Enter the Password.
    4. Confirm the Password.
  9. Add a Feature Profile for your new subscriber, and check the appropriate settings.

  10. Add accounting information, as shown in this figure.

  11. Click Save to save all your changes.